Irons in the Fire


This year’s show is titled Irons in the Fire: the Many Faces of Iron in Ceramics. Iron is the fourth most common material on the Earth’s surface, and one of the most diverse ceramic materials used by potters today. The exhibition features handmade ceramic cups and mugs  that exploit the wide array of visual effects derived from IRON.

IRON can be used to produce blacks, browns, blues, greens, tans, and yellows. On display is the full spectrum of temnokus, oil spots, teadust, ambers, terra cotta, reduction cooled, crystalline, chun blues, green and blue celadons, brushwork, iron transfer decals, and any other combination achieved  by the use of ferrous metals.

The entire exhibition will be available online the morning of September 2nd, 2016. A reception will be held at the Companion Gallery that evening from 7-9pm. 

 48 page, 8.5 x 11″  Full Color Catalogs featuring over 250 images will also be available online. $12.00 with free shipping while supplies last.

Juror: Justin Rothshank



Shopping Guide:

-The exhibition will go live Friday September 2nd at 6am CST

-The work is listed alphabetically by the artist’s LAST NAME. The show is divided into 2 sections:  A-K  &  L-Z  for quicker navigation and loading time. 

-There is flat rate shipping of $6.00 per piece

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BEST OF SHOW: Todd Leech
BEST OF SHOW: Todd Leech


JUROR'S CHOICE: Isaac Howard
JUROR’S CHOICE: Isaac Howard


PURCHASE AWARD: Bryan Horn Collection of Bill & Mitzi Richardson
Collection of Bill & Mitzi Richardson
PURCHASE AWARD: Zak Helenske Collection of Sally and Tony Hamaguchi
Collection of Sally and Tony Hamaguchi
PURCHASE AWARD: Ted Neal Collection od Janet and Dale Thomas
Collection of Janet and Dale Thomas