My pottery journey began in Japan where I discovered my passion to create functional ceramics honoring the traditions of Hamada Shoji and Bernard Leach. Their respect for simplicity of form and the practicality of handcrafted folk objects has always been evident in my life: throughout my German childhood, in the discourse of my Masters Thesis regarding the Japanese Folk Crafts Movement, and while attending the Penland School of Crafts.
Shaped by the prolific history of Folk Crafts, my pottery is thrown on a handcrafted kick-powered treadle wheel utilizing a dark stoneware clay which is fired to cone 11 in a gas reduction kiln. I focus on making functional everyday pottery for the home with a warm organic surface that invites a dialogue between user and maker, food and vessel.

Caroline Cercone
Nashville, TN

500 Best, Lark Books, 2012
Local Potter Caroline Cercone, Middle TN Home + Garden, Winter 2012.
Shino Redux, Clay Times, 2010.
Flux and Refraction, Clay Times, 2005.
500 Cups, Lark Books, 2004.
500 Teapots, Lark Books, 2003.