I use form and line to investigate the intersection between reality and fantasy. The choices that I make pertaining to form, palette, and surface treatment aim to balance a quirky celebratory experience with a formal elegance. The Minimalist architecture of Louis Khan provides inspiration for my forms. The patterns incorporated into my vessels simultaneously reveal and obscure the forms, similarly to the way Victorian ornamentation alters buildings of the 18th century. The stylistic tension that I create between form and ornamentation parallels the stylistic tension between Victorian and Minimalist architecture. This duality is reinforced by my firing method.

I soda fire in order to investigate the recording of time. The flame serves as the recording mechanism, the same way that rust-imbued bridges and weathered buildings document time. This alteration inspires a playful dialogue between past and present, a dialogue that is enriched by the irregularity of atmospheric firing. Its ability to transfigure a form-enhancing certain parts while concealing others-is analogous to how time transforms a memory, obscuring some details while bringing others closer to the fantastical realm. My work is a reflection of my desire to reconcile the strange with the familiar, the whimsical with the stoic, the dream world with reality.

Iren Tete

Minneapolis, MN

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Shop Online

Iren Tete earned a BS in Kinesiology with a minor in studio art from the College of William and Mary (Williamsburg, VA) in 2013. After her graduation she spent the

summer as a work-study at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts prior to moving to Columbia, Missouri for a post-bac program with Bede Clarke at the University of

Missouri. She is currently an Anonymous Potter Studio Fellow at the Northern Clay Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she is also the exhibitions assistant.

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