I never intended to be a potter. Pottery is a means to an end, a practical crossroads of my need to create with my hands, functionality, and surface decoration. As a maker of objects and despiser of knick knacks, object functionality is imperative. Each piece serves as a functional canvas; a simply made blank vessel upon which I can carve or paint. My designs, whether carved or painted, reflect my interests in repeating patterns such as fabrics and wallpapers My choice of bold, bright colors is based on my lifelong love for colors. Each piece I make builds upon the one before, one brushstroke becomes another, one carving becomes many. Through my use of colors and surfaces, I hope to infuse each piece with a sense of whimsical festivity.

-Kelsey Nagy
Jackson, Tennessee

Thank you for your interest in Kelsey’s work. If you have any questions about ordering or unlisted works please call the gallery at (731)267-7784