Ron Philbeck has been a studio potter in Shelby, NC since 1992. He received his pottery training attending various workshops and craft schools in the southeast. He honed his skills on a borrowed wheel for several years before setting up his kiln and workshop on family land. Ron’s pottery has been exhibited in shows and invitationals across the U.S. He has been published in the books, Contemporary Tableware and Techniques Using Slips. Ron has demonstrated and taught in workshop and clay studio venues. He also teaches at the local community college in Shelby. He has received the ASC Regional Artists Grant on three occasions allowing him to travel, build kilns, and attend workshops. Various other honorable mentions and awards have also been granted over the years.

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I make pots because I love to create objects that are both useful and beautiful. Handmade pots enrich our lives, connect us with the food or drink being consumed and have the power to ground us in the present moment. Pots that have been carefully and thoughtfully made convey the feelings and energy of the maker to the user.  In a time when so many objects are lifeless and cold, mass produced, and boring, the handmade pot breathes life into the everyday rituals of eating and drinking. My pots are made from white stoneware clay on a manually powered treadle wheel. They are fired in a soda kiln. I strive for surfaces that enhance the forms and textures on the pots and for colors that are rich and vibrant.

Ron Philbeck

Shelby, North Carolina