Collaborative Companions III

We are grateful to the participating artists for their thoughts, ideas, and perseverance through this project.

What follows is a portion of the invitation that each artist received, both this year and in past years: This exhibition is about diversity, with the hopes of beginning a visual conversation, in vessel form, geared towards discovery, cross-pollination, and understanding.

Collaborations are an invitation for possibility and potential. We offer up a clear vision for reinterpretation, a second opinion, and a challenge to our own way of thinking. We welcome the opportunity to be shaken and view our work in a new or different light. What can we learn from working with artists of a different generation, gender, race, orientation or religion? How do we propose questions in form or texture? How do we respond with color, pattern, or imagery? How do we approach a collaboration to ensure a dialogue, rather than two consecutive monologues? What is the difference between amalgamation and collaboration?

We will be contributing a percentage of each sale from this exhibition to @claysiblings. The Clay Siblings Project has a keen eye on building equity in within the field of ceramics by introducing and educating the next generation to the endless possibilities of expression in clay.

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Showing all 3 results