Since graduating with his MFA from Illinois State University in 2011, Tim has maintained an active studio practice from his home in Minonk, Illinois. For the past 7 years Tim has participated in a steady stream of juried, group, invitational, and solo exhibitions. He has received several awards including the Presidential Scholarship at Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Merwin Medal: McLean County 82nd Annual Amateur Show, and Best of Show: Water Street Studios Anniversary Show. Tim’s work can be seen in private collections, University collections, and in a recent American Craft Magazine article. Tim is the adjunct instructor Ceramics at Illinois Central in East Peoria, IL.


Tim’s work has been featured on Colossal by Kate SierzputowskiRipley’s Believe It Or Not, TwistedSifter, BoredPanda, HOMECRUX by Monica Thakur, DeMilked, FactRiver by Tiffany,, Whizual by Igor Stankovic, Laughing Squid by Lori Dorn, Cultura Inquieta, and Inceredibilia by Graziella Guglielmino.

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Ceramic Mugs That Imitate Used Cardboard by Artist Tim Kowalczyk

Le tazze di ceramica che imitano il cartone. Di Tim Kowalczyk

Amazing Ceramic Mugs That Look Like They Were Fashioned Out of Recycled Cardboard and Tin Cans

Cleverly discuised illusions by Tim Kowalczyk – Ceramic Cups imitating Cardboard!


Ceramics Teacher Turns Clay Into Cardboard

Cardboard cups? No! These are 100% ceramic mugs by Tim Kowalczyk

No, These Are Not Cardboard! This Artist Makes Clay Look Like Used Cardboard

How Tim Kowalczyk Makes Ceramic Cardboard


Objects I am drawn to can be described as pathetic, absurd, antiquated, banal, or even garbage. I stumble upon these ordinary objects in my daily life whether driving down the road, visiting a yard sale, or peering into a trashcan. Objects are chosen that lack unique significance. However, I imagine a sublime provenance in these ordinary objects. This imagined provenance is how I begin to relate to the objects and transform ordinary objects into extraordinary. These new extraordinary objects are models to create trompe l’oeil ceramic versions. I then assemble the fabricated replicas into sculptures with a clear sense of purpose, priority, and preciousness. These everyday objects are imbued with specific signification through both their composed relationships with one another, and their homogeneous material. The deception of fabricated objects through the use of trompe l’oeil techniques is what allows me to convey the imagined sublime provenance. The objects’ inherent semiotic qualities create contextual narratives that shape how they are seen and how they can construct meaning in a particular setting.

Tim Kowalczyk

Minonk, IL

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